Friday, April 6

Accommodation In Manila

I just got enrolled into college last month and my cousin will be enrolling into college in another 2 months time. I could recall the troubles I had when I first planned to move to college. The hardest problem I faced was accommodation because my college is far from my hometown, and I had to find for my own place to stay. However, through the help of my college, I found a place for me to stay. My cousin will be enrolling into college soon too, and he needs a place to stay. However, his college did not provide him with any accommodation information. It was very troublesome for him and I understand how troublesome it was for him because I faced the same situation before. I tried to help him out by referring him to a website I found online. I told him that he could find for a proper room from Manila Bedspaces .

Things started to turn around and things became easier that time because from there he could narrow down my search and specify the places he prefer to stay as well as the type of rooms that he wants. Not only was that convenient enough for him, he could also see the prices of the rooms so that he does not rent a room which will be over his budget. Moreover, from that website, he gets to know all the details of the room that he wants because the owners usually state the condition of the rooms, facilities and cleanliness of the room can be seen from the pictures available. It is really very convenient and I advice everyone who wants to look for a room like I do to check it out.


  1. hi do u know Ove Stefan Berg ?

  2. im grace,i donk know about his life..were just started 2 communicate in mingle2..and now through phone i search his number in google then i found ur site having his number ..plz. Reply