Wednesday, November 14

My New Domain

Finally, this blog has a new domain name. After working so hard on how to redirect the old url to my new domain url, I am proud to say that I successfully did it all. Honestly, it was really, really hard for me to do it all by myself for I am not really a computer expert. All I know is to post an article, images, copy and paste, visiting and commenting to my friend’s blogs. And since I am using the new domain name now, I know that Mr. Google will take my PR sooner or later, and I wish Google will give it back to me without delay.

Anyway, I am not finished working on this new domain yet. I have to resubmit or claim it again from Google and to Alexa as well. I started working on Alexa, but I am having trouble working on it, but I will try to do it all again without asking help from my friends online.

Monday, November 12

Makiling Highlands Resort

A decade ago, this place was not yet developed. There were small resorts nearby, but it was not as good as on the photo below. During my college days, Mt. Makiling in Laguna was one of the places that we used to hang out with my classmates and friends. We love the peacefulness of the place, the cool weather at night, the sounds of the birds in the morning and before the sun went down, and we all love the natural not spring in the place. Now, this place has been fully developed over a year, and if I get a chance, I wanted to climb Mt. Makiling again, and I want to see this Makiling Highlands Resort in Laguna, Philippines. Take note: the water in the pool is a natural hot spring water from the mountain, and it is really good for the tiring body. There is no electricity used to get the water pool warmed. It is naturally warm water.

Sunday, November 4

Planning To Buy A New Domain

It has been a long time ago since I have planned to buy a new domain for this blog, but the PR of this blog has stopped me on doing so because I have been told that I will lose the PR of this blog once I changed the url of this blog. I didn't work so hard on this blog thinking that the PR will go down if there is no update in it, but now I couldn't wait to buy a new domain at GoDaddy because they are offering huge discounts at the moment. So I have decided to buy a new domain for this blog. I wouldn't mind if I lose the PR of this blog. I know, and I trust Mr. Google that he will give back my PR maybe soon or later. So, guys, just wait for the new domain of this blog. After this writing, I will visit GoDaddy, and I will buy a new domain for this blog.