Wednesday, May 25

Hotel and Casino in Davao City

This is one of the beautiful hotels here in Davao City. This is located in J. P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. Approximately, 30 to 45 minutes drive from the airport to the hotel. Waterfront Insular Hotel is perfect for all types of gathering like wedding, business meeting to name a few.

Below are the suites in the hotel.

The Presidential Suite

Ambassador Suite

Penthouse Suite

The Beautiful Aquarian Pool

If you want to stay in this hotel, you can call @ +63 82 233 2881.

Sunday, April 3

Stunning Views in Portugal

Oops! I wasn't there yet. Huh! Feeling hopeful. Who knows, right? It was my dearest family friend, and her family who went to Portugal. They left London a week ago, and now, they are still in Portugal for a family vacation. I know her youngest child loves being in the water. She really likes to swim and swim. I really enjoyed looking at their photos. They have been to many places like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines to name a few. They love to go to places that has beautiful beaches. I can tell that my friend named Emma is so lucky for she traveled a lot with her family. She is just an ordinary woman, a small woman but has a big heart to her family and friends. Anyhow, here are the photos that she sent to me.

The father and daughter enjoying the heat of the sun. lol

Angelicka, while waiting for her order. 

Just like bloggers, taking picture is the first thing to do. 

Angelicka said, this is my life. Yeah, right, that's your life and you are such a lucky girl for having a loving parents and siblings.

My friend said, she was singing here Frozen. lol "let it go, let it go".

The father and daughter's adventure in the island... 

Saturday, March 26

To Protect Yourself from Vacation Disaster

Consider your need for two kinds of vacation insurance when booking an expensive trip. Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable fares and deposits if for some reason you can’t make a planned trip.


• Examine policy exclusions, such as for preexisting medical conditions that might prevent you from collecting.
• Buy insurance from a party other than the tour operator that books your trip, if it goes broke, you may lose the insurance, too.
 • Use insurance only to protect significant expenditures. Airline tickets and hotel reservations usually can be “rebooked” for a small penalty fee, so they don’t justify the expenditure for insurance. Travel health insurance covers medical costs incurred outside your country. Most private insurance companies don’t cover such costs and even when they do, you probably wouldn’t want to be stranded abroad waiting for reimbursement.

Anyhow, my cousin in Canada sent me their beautiful photos again. She said, it is spring time now, but they called it “Icy Spring” because of this beautiful icy thing that you can see in the surroundings. I so love the photos, so I thought of sharing it here on my blog. I hope you like these photos to as I do.

Isn't it beautiful?

Below is my cousin and her only child.

Saturday, March 19

Beat the Disney World Peak-Season Crowds

If you are traveling to Disney World during the busy season, crowds and heat can easily spoil your fun, but they don’t have to: Stay on Disney Property Guests staying at Disney hotels can gain admission to the parks one hour before regular openings. Use the “Fastpass” Rather than stand in line for 45 minutes, use this VIP service to make an appointment at some of the most popular attractions such as Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain. Simply stop at a Fastpass turnstile ahead of time. Adjust Mealtimes When everyone else is standing in line waiting to eat, you can be enjoying attractions. Eat a late breakfast so you can have lunch after the crowds thin out. Or eat early before 11 am for lunch and between 4 pm and 5 pm for dinner. Even better: Bring a bag lunch to avoid the hectic and expensive restaurants. Bring Bottled Water: Carrying water is especially important on super hot days. Dress Alike: Wearing the same color T-shirt or baseball cap makes it easy to keep track of each other in crowds. Make it a bright color. Wear Something with Big Pockets for tickets, room keys, car keys, wallet, sunscreen and all the other necessities. Women: A fanny pack or a backpack is better than a purse. Note: Thanks to aunt for these tips.

Friday, February 5

American Tourister's Quality Style

One of the names associated with reliable, practical travel must-haves is undoubtedly American Tourister. Since the brand was founded in 1933 by Sol Koffler, it has grown in its commitment to sell durable yet affordable luggage. With the acquisition by Samsonite in 1994, the company continues to produce a wide selection of quality travel gear.

The luggage from the Vivolite collection is made from ultra-lightweight material infused in a sturdy outer shell. The bright colors and the glossy finish on the shells are made possible by PressPro, an innovative technology crafted by American Tourister. The hardy yet light pieces of luggage absorb shock better than most hard cases in the market. They can withstand rough handling when checked in at the airport or when shoved into the trunk of a vehicle. Other features of the this collection are recessed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) combination lock, four recessed spinner wheels for easy maneuvering push-button trolley, and soft-grip handles.

The collection is available in purple, hot pink, navy, and lemon. The purple and hot pink shells come with a bright pink lining while the navy and lemon shells come with an aqua blue lining. The bright colors are not only cool but also convenient. It is easy to spot your suitcase among other pieces if it comes in these attractive colors.